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Property Inspections: What’s the importance?

Property Inspections: What’s the importance?


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Property inspection
Property Inspection

Crown Security Services in Birmingham combines people and technology to give verifiable property inspection solutions both you and your insurers can rely on.

Our vacant property inspection service is particularly suitable for Landlords and Managing Agents looking for security whilst the property may be in between tenants.

Why are Property Inspections essential?

A property that is left vacant can often be a target for criminals, vandals, and squatters.

Vacant Property Inspections provide a cost-effective solution to ward off trespass, property damage, and other anti-social behaviours. Whilst also ensuring a property remains secure and unoccupied. In addition, our property inspections also record meter readings and other Client specific measures and requirements.

Our Inspections will:

  • Keep your site safe and secure – we will prevent any illegal entry to the property.
  • Operate at the highest levels of competitiveness, efficiency and quality.
  • Help to prevent intrusion from squatters, vandals and criminals – this includes securing all external doors, changing locks accordingly and removing all internal and external waste materials.
  • Meet your insurance obligations.
  • Check, record and provide meter readings.
  • Keep you informed of potential issues in a timely fashion and logging all visits of the inspector.
  • We will report any breaches to the landlord or managing agent and recommend actions to rectify the problem immediately.

We will survey the property, review the environment, take note of health and safety, conduct a thorough review of the services required and ultimately conduct any ongoing maintenance that is needed.

Property inspection
Property inspection

Other dangers:

Vacant properties are also extremely vulnerable to arson. Arson is a deliberate act of fire-setting. Vacant properties also run the risk of accidental fire damage. This is due to trespassers smoking or other anti-social activities such as drug-taking. Approximately 60% of all fires happen in empty properties. Therefore it is essential to secure against fire in order to prevent hefty insurance costs which occur afterward.

Inconsistent and extreme weather is also becoming more and more common in the UK. Our regular inspections and checks could potentially prevent severe weather damage from taking place. These include flooding, gas leaks, and wind damage.

Each inspection involves a comprehensive site review as specified by you. This can include inspections of the site perimeter, external buildings, internal buildings, and services. We will also carry out meter readings if you would like us to. Crown Security Services then reviews the inspection report and will immediately inform you of anything requiring attention.

Why might a property remain vacant?

You may want to hire security to look after your property if it is currently undergoing renovation. Or maybe your property is currently unoccupied as a result of a renovation. Or better yet because there is a transition in ownership.

Each property has its vulnerabilities, so it’s important that you recognize yours.


When on-site guarding and mobile patrols aren’t appropriate, we can carry out daily or weekly property inspections for you to protect your property and your assets. Having someone to guard your property full-time isn’t always necessary, let alone affordable. That’s why our service is carried out according to your unique needs, whether it’s your insurance requirements or recommendations from our initial risk assessment – we’ll be there to take care of it.

For more information on any of the services we offer, please contact us on 0800 093 2383 or drop us an email.

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