Close Protection

Close Protection


ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001

Crown Security Services Company in Birmingham holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding & Alarm Response services. Registered in England & Wales company number: 11264863


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Our sister company offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Crown Facilities Management Services

Crown Facilities Management Services provides bundled (FM) or Facilities Management Services in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands

Close Protection Services in Birmingham

Close Protection Services from Crown Security Services is dedicated to protecting your personal freedoms, your loved ones, your life, employees and your hard earned assets. Individuals, corporate executives and celebrities will find our protective services discreet and highly reassuring.

All of our Close Protection operatives are flexible, resourceful and approachable. No matter where we provide our services, we will access established links with regional, national and international law enforcement agencies and other appropriate organisations, enabling us to provide the best possible service for our clients.

Some of the people we have worked with:


Kasper Schmeichal


Jesse Jackson 

In order to obtain an SIA Close Protection licence all officers need to show that they are trained to the right level. All our Officers have achieved the Level 3 Certificate for Working as a Close Protection Operative within the Private Security Industry. They have all attended and taken two training modules and taken and passed an exam. The duration of the training is generally a minimum 140 hours.

This service deploys professionally trained male and female officers to provide either regular residential protection or specific short or long term protection assignments. For more information on any of the services we offer, please contact us on 0800 093 2383 or drop us an email.

At Crown we offer a variety of services for our customers – Including:

Your Safety, Our Priority Easy Guide to Close Protection Firms

Ever wondered who’s got your back when it matters most? Look no further than Crown Security Services, your trusted guardians in the world of close protection. When it comes to your safety. We stand tall as the shield you can rely on. With us, you’re not a client, you’re part of our safety family. Feel secure with the best in the business by your side. When it’s about keeping what’s important to you safe, count on us to go the extra mile. Your safety matters.

Guardians at Your Service Inside a Close Protection Company

In Close Protection Company, there are different roles that work together to keep you safe. First up is the “guard”, our guards are like your personal shield, always watching and ready to act if needed. Then there’s the “mobile security” who ensures you get from place to place safely. Our “planner” is behind-the-scene hero, making sure everything runs smoothly. So, whether it’s a guard by your side or the planner making plans, everyone plays a part in keeping you secure.

Manned Guarding

A big party at your house with lots of fun. Now, there are so many people, and you want to make sure everyone stays safe. That’s when we come to the rescue! We’re your real-life superheroes watching over your party, making sure everyone has a good time without any worries. We come to your service in different situations. Manned Guarding Services are like your own perosnal protectors, making sure everything goes smoothly and you can relax. So, that you know someone is looking out for you.


Imagine you’re away on a relaxing vacation, and suddenly you realize you left soemthing important at home. Oh no! This is whenwe come to the rescue. Your trusted key holder, can access your home and retrieve what you need. Maybe it’s your passport, or just turning off oven you left on. With us, you don’t have to worry about rushing back or bothering neighbors. Your Keyholding steps in as your reliabel helper, making sure everything is safe and secure.

Mobile Patrol

Imagine your neighborhood when it’s dark, and there are strangers hanging around. That’s when you need the our Close Protection Firms Service. Think about having a little shop, and it’s closing time. You can’t stay there all night, right? But fret not! We come to help. We’re like nighttime protectors, making sure nobody cause trouble. In simple words, we make sure your neighborhood or shop is safe. Whether it’s dark streets or a party place, we’re there to keep problems away and let you sleep peacfully.

Property Inspection

You cozy home in a friendly village. Sometimes, it needs a safety check, like when /window letting in rain. Or if you’re going away, we check that all doors and windows are closed tight. It’s like a final check to make your home a strong fortress when you’re not there. So, whether after a storm or before a trip, our visit make sure your home stays super safe.

To state it concisely, Crown Security Services stands as a reliable shield, safeguarding you and yours family. Close Protection Firms believe in keeping things simple. So. You can feel secure without any worries. With our services, your safety is the most important thing. Trust us to be by your side, looking out for you. Count on us for a safer and protected tomorrow. Because we’re here to make sure you stay safe and sound.