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Crown Security Services Company in Birmingham holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding & Alarm Response services. Registered in England & Wales company number: 11264863


RHR Cleaning Services

Our sister company offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Crown Facilities Management Services

Crown Facilities Management Services provides bundled (FM) or Facilities Management Services in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands

Concierge Security Services in Birmingham

Our professional reception and Concierge Services Provide very high levels of customer service and satisfaction and quickly become the public face of your business, delivering a 5-star service of the very highest quality. Our staff can be fitted in your corporate clothing with your company branding if required to project the right corporate image.

Delivering consistent quality levels that we promise requires the selection and recruitment of a handpicked team of people who can demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills, professionalism, experience and initiative all backed by high levels of competency and a strong commitment to quality and service excellence.


Concierge Service Personnel

The strength of our service is in the team and the way they fit within your business. Our intensive recruitment and selection process ensures that all Crown Security Services personnel can match both our and your stringent requirements and the ethos of our customers. Where your business needs a specific skill set we change our selection criteria accordingly.

Our people matter, our passion for customer satisfaction and our drive to be the best underpins everything we do. Integrating seamlessly into your company, we ensure you are represented at reception with the level of quality and consistency that you expect.

As a leading specialist security services provider, Crown Security Services also ensure that those performing concierge roles are also given high level security training and understand the fundamentals of good security management. This means that they are able to act as a support to any existing manned guarding function. Each member of staff will be Security Industry Authority (SIA) licensed.

From offices and universities to hotels and apartment blocks, concierge staff are vital to making guests, staff and residents feel safe and welcome. As both a first impression and first line of defence, you need to make sure that your Concierge Services is provided by a security company that you can trust and rely on. For more information on any of the services we offer, please contact us on 0800 093 2383 or drop us an email.

concierge services

Effortless Living A Quick Guide to Concierge Services

Ever thought about having security that’s more than just protection? Well, Crown Security Services brings you Concierge Services. So, what’s that? It’s like having friendly guards who not only keep you safe but also make you feel welcome. We mix the strong shield of regular security with a warm welcome. It’s not just about keeping things safe, it’s about making safety feel easy and friendly. So if you’re ready for protection that’s not just tough then count on us for that.

Exploring the Diverse Roles of Concierge Security

Our Concierge Services Birmingham wear many hats to keep things safe and friendly. Firstly, they’re the superheroes for safety, watching over your place, keeping an eye out for anything fishy. But that’s not all! We’re the also friendly face at your door, welcome folks with a smile and helping them out. Behind the scenes, they’re like backstage heroes, managing who comes in. We’re great at talking too! Answering questions, sharing safety tips, and help if something comes up. Choosing us as your top priority will always leave you satisfied.

  • Residential Areas

Picture a neighborhood with friendly neighbors and well-kept homes. One evening, a stranger’s car raises eyebrows at the entrance. That’s when our security team step in. We notice the unfamiliar car and quickly check who it is, making sure only the right people get in. We’re your watchful friends who keep everything safe. Having our friendly Residential Security folks isn’t just about safety, it’s about making your neighborhood a safe and happy place to be.

  • Commercial Buildings

You owe a busy office building with different businesses. One day, a really imporatnt client is coming for a big meting. Here’s where Concierge Services come in. They welcome the guests, make sure everything is safe, and only let the right people in. So, having us isn’t just about safety, it’s like having a team that’s ready for important guests. We can also handle delieveries, and know what to do in surprises, making your office building a safe and easy place for everyone.

  • Retail Stores

Imagine a busy day at your retail store, especially during the holiday rush. Lots of people are shopping. Now, think of Concierge Security like your friendly helpers. We greet everyone with a smile, helping shoppers find what they want. But here’s the cool part. While we’re being friendly, we also keeping an eye out to make sure everything stays safe. It’s like dealing with the two jobs, making your store feel welcoming and making sure it’s secure. We’re ready to handle it smoothly.

  • Event Spaces

You’re hosting a big party in the city. There’s important people, it’s a big deal. That’s when you call us. We’re your helpers at the door, making sure everyone gets in smoothly. During the Event Security, if someone loses something important, no worries! We step in, helps out, and fixes things without making a fuss. We help with getting everyone home safely and sort out any last-minute stuff. With us around, your party not only rocks but also feels super safe and easy for everyone.

To bring it all together, Crown Security Services is here to keep you safe with our Concierge Services. We’re all about making sure you feel secure and welcome. Our team is committed to giving you top-notch protection while being friendly and helpful. When you choose us, you’re choosing a team that cares about your safety and peace of mind. We’re here to take care of security stuff, so you can relax and focus on what you love. With us, you’re in good hands.