Manned Guard

Manned Guard


ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 45001

Crown Security Services Company in Birmingham holds SIA Approved Contractor status for the provision of Security Guarding and Key Holding & Alarm Response services. Registered in England & Wales company number: 11264863


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Our sister company offers a wide range of commercial cleaning services in Birmingham and the West Midlands.


Crown Facilities Management Services

Crown Facilities Management Services provides bundled (FM) or Facilities Management Services in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands

Manned Guarding Services in Birmingham

From our Birmingham Office, West Midlands our manned guarding service includes security guards with basic training and enhanced training from site instructions and service level agreements, ensuring that all necessary information is correct and to hand whilst still being secure. This provides a confident and smooth running of day to day operations. The first impression for your company needs to be the correct one. A smart well trained Security Guard Orlando with relevant knowledge of your business is a must.

Manned Guarding

Our Manned Guarding Officers are:

Operate at the highest levels of efficiency and quality.

Trained to deal with accidents and emergencies.

Contribute to health & safety in the workplace.

SIA Licensed

Trained to deal with any incidents that may arise.

Can apprehend and detain suspects.

Develop and maintain communication with staff and management.

Crown Security Services officers have experience of carrying out reception services, gatehouse duties, weighbridge operations, Site Patrols, telephone services, Lock and unlock services and health & safety checks. Our officers have experience of working in a range of premises including warehousing/logistics, office buildings, retail outlets, construction sites and business parks.

Each member of your Manned Guarding team will meet the stringent standards applied by the SIA have full training and carry the appropriate SIA license. Crown Security Services will ensure relief security guards are recruited locally in Birmingham and West Midlands and are in place with site specific training for holiday cover and those unexpected situations.

Our Manned Guarding Services are designed to help companies throughout the Birmingham, the West Midlands and nationally through difficult economic times and offer a stimulus package that aims to relieve stress and disruption, so clients can relax in the knowledge that they are not only using a trusted and respected company but an Award Winning Security provider. For more information on our Manned Guarding Security Guard Services, please contact us on 0800 093 2383 or drop us an email.

Ensuring Safety A Comprehensive Guide to Manned Guarding

Ever wondered who stands guard to ensure your safety and peace of mind? Not anymore, Crown Security Services and their dedicated Manned Guarding Solutions are here for you. They’re like having superhero, not with a cape, but in a uniform. In world filled with fancy gadgets, we add special touch by having real peeople look out for you. What makes us stand out is the trust we bring. It’s not a job for us, it’s a promise to keep you safe.

Manned Guarding Services

Everyday Heroes Diverse Duties of Manned Guarding Services

Manned Guarding Birmingham involves important tasks to keep you safe. Imagine having a friend who looks out for you all the time. That’s what manned guards do. First, we stand and watch, like your personal lookout, making sure everything is fine. We also help control who comes in and out, like gatekeeper for your safety. Sometimes, we guide people and answer questions, acting almost like helpers. When there’s a problem, we act quickly, making sure everyone stays safe. We lso help people in emergencies.

  • Event Security

Imagine a big event in town. Lots of happy people are there, enjoying music and games. Now, think about manned guards, your special protectors. The event is going well, but suddenly, a group of people start pushing and shoving near the main stage. We step in! We quickly separate the troublemakers and make sure veryone else stays safe. So, in this lively event, we’re your silent heroes, keeping the fun going. We ensure everyone enjoys the day without any worries and problems. Crown Security Services manage your all event security services at affordable rates

  • Corporate Security

A big company with lots of people working and important things happening every day. Now, think about a day when someone unknown tries to enter the compnay without permission. This is where Manned Guarding becomes crucial for corporate security. Our job is to make sure only the right people come in. So, when the unknown person shows up, our guard steps forward and starts inquiry. This help keep the workplace safe from peolple who shouldn’t be there. With us, no need to stress about anything.

  • Retail Security

Imagine you’re at a big store, and there are many things to buy. Think about a busy day when lots of people are shopping. Suddenly, someone tries to take things without paying. This is when our retail security becomes really important. Our guard in a uniform, like a watchful friend, sees the tricky person and steps in. We calmly stop the person, making sure everyone stays safe and happy. It’s like having a suphero at the store, looking out for you. Easy, right?

  • Construction Site Security

Picture a busy construction site, with workers and machines building something important. Now, imagine it’s nighttime, and everyone has gone home. That’s when our help becomes crucial. In the dark, when no one is around, we stand watch like brave guardians We make sure no one sneaks in to cause trouble or takes things that don’t belong to them. We’re your guardians who stays awake to protect everything. So, in the quite hours of night, we become the heroes of your Construction Site Security.

In summary of the above, Crown Security Services takes pride in providing top-notch Manned Guarding solutions tailored to many sectors. We’re all about keeping things safe and sound. We’ve got you covered! From businesses, our team acts like superhero guards, making sure everything stays safe. In shopes, we not only protect stuff but also make sure everyone feels welcome. We get that each place needs its own kind of protection, so our team is trained to handle it all.