An Award Winning Security Provider

We are pleased to announce that Crown Security Services have won an award in each of the previous 3 years.


In 2015, we were awarded the Best Security Provider - Midlands region. This was the culmination of many years of hard work by a team of dedicated staff.


We were awarded Business Excellence in 2016 for our continuing commitment to our process's and back office systems.


In 2017, we were again awarded the Business Excellence award for continual improvements to our systems, procedures and quality control.

The Directors Say:

"Winning the Best Security Company award was one of the highlights in the company's history. Having won the Business Excellence award for the previous two years shows our commitment to continually revising our practises and making sure that necessary improvements are made as soon as possible to better deliver on our promises."

"None of these would been awarded without the input, help, support and hard work of all those involved."